NIST-Compliant Data Erasure

The National Institute for Standards and Technology is a US government organization tasked with setting standards and protocols for safety and security across industries. In technology, it’s the primary body responsible for setting cybersecurity standards for data erasure and sanitization. KeyDeploy’s data erasure capabilities meet NIST standards and can assist in meeting compliance with HIPAA, FISMA, PCI-DSS, and other federal or industry standards and regulatory protocols.

Capture and Deployment of Custom Images

The ability to deploy custom OS images is a crucial time-saving capability for large organizations that require specialty software or operating-system configurations. KeyDeploy provides the ability to easily capture existing installations and deploy these images to thousands* of machines simultaneously.

*KeyDeploy supports a theoretical maximum of 256 machines per NIC on the server up to a theoretical maximum of 65,536 simultaneous machines. Actual deployment capacity may vary based on the server hardware configuration.

Capture and Deployment of Device-specific Drivers

Capture and cache drivers on a per-device basis and automatically install those drivers whenever that device configuration is detected. With KeyDeploy, never worry about manually installing driver packages again.

MAR-Compliant Reporting

Microsoft demands reports with specific information and structure to maintain compliance with Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher Terms of Service. KeyDeploy gives the ability to dynamically create MAR-compliant reports at any time.

Robust Asset Management Reporting

Capturing product orders, device serial numbers, and specifications of machines is crucial in any deployment operation and assists in inventory management and asset tracking. KeyDeploy provides the ability to input product order numbers and device defects and automatically captures serial numbers and machine specifications, enabling you to create and export hyper-detailed reports based on any of these criteria.