Drives Operational Efficiency

The ability to deploy custom OS images is a crucial time-saving feature for large organizations that require specialty software packages or operating-system configurations. KeyDeploy’s driver capture and cache features ensure you’re never worried about missing drivers ever again, and integrated DPK functionality enhances refurbishment flow. There’s no longer a need to manually save information authorized Refurbisher mandatory reporting -- KeyDeploy does it with just a few clicks.

Increases Profitability

Time savings and efficiency gains from implementing KeyDeploy into an operation allows for the reduction of staffing overhead and increased production capacity. KeyDeploy’s integrated DPK feature set decreases COA returns and time spent on reporting, and spec capture features ensure PO accuracy.

Scales With Your Needs

As you grow, KeyDeploy grows with you. KeyDeploy allows the ability to manage high-variability inventory easily and efficiently. Spec capture, reporting, and PO functionalities ensure you’re always aware of the machines that have been sent through the KeyDeploy system. With throughput capability only limited by your server’s network capacity, and a knowledgeable service and development team at your disposal, KeyDeploy is with you for the long-haul. ®