What is a DPK?

A Digital Product Key, or DPK, is the digital version of a Windows Certificate of Authenticity (COA). Rather than the tedious task of having to manage, attach, and track physical COA stickers, DPK’s are digitally associated per-device based on serial number. DPK’s allow for a simpler and more secure Windows licensure experience.

KeyDeploy DPK Integration

Automated DPK Deployment Rather than manually associating DPK’s device-by-device, KeyDeploy enables the automated deployment of DPK’s integrated into the device imaging process. Simply checking a box in the imaging process automatically associates a Windows license to that device based on installation type. Once the imaging process is complete, the device will have a guaranteed valid and genuine Windows license.

DPK Lookup and Monitoring Look up and monitor DPK associations based on device serial number. KeyDeploy allows you to monitor DPK usage and track DPK associations to verify attachments are occurring.